Ripplefold drapes

A Ripplefold is a drapery header style that uses snaps to form the drapery into the shape of a loose ‘S’. The ripple that is formed at the header then flows to the bottom of the drapery, creating a uniform look from top to bottom. Most commonly, a Ripplefold header is mounted with hardware just below an exposed track, to give the drapery an airy, floating feel. It can also be on a hidden track or a curved track and the drapery can be hand drawn, cord drawn, or motor drawn.

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Pinch Pleat Drapes

A Pinch Pleat is a drapery header that involves pinching together two to five measured out pleats and sewing them together so that they synch together at the top. The most common pinch pleat is a three-finger pinch pleat, or a French pleat, which takes three measured out pleats and pulls them together to form soft ripples. However, with printed drapery a two-finger pinch pleat is more common as it does not disrupt the print as much. Curtains with pinch pleats can be hung using hardware such as a rod and rings, an exposed track, a hidden track with cornice, or a curved track.

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